Smokin with Love

For Nearly a Decade

The Smokin Bear Story

For over a decade, Bear and Kim have provided custom barbecue catering services for happy Smokin Bear BBQ customers throughout New Hampshire.

Bear and Kim fell in love with Texas style BBQ while they were living in Austin. When it was time to move back East, they bought a smoker and brought it with them. The pair agreed, “No matter where we live, on the Fourth of July, we want to celebrate and have a party!”

Their first party had 19 guests. Kim and Bear provided the meats, smoked of course, and asked guests to bring something to share. It quickly became a popular event and grew as more people heard about the gathering. After a few years, folks began to ask, “Hey, my mom is celebrating her 75th birthday, would you do some meat?” and “Our daughter is getting married, would you do some food?” After a bunch of these requests, and the party growing to 235 guests, they decided that they might as well get paid for the work, and it morphed into a catering business.

As things progressed, and Smokin Bear was doing pretty well, Bear and Kim decided to take the next big leap. They purchased some property on a snowmobile trail in Dorchester, New Hampshire, with plans to build a commercial kitchen for catering with a bonus takeout window, too! In February 2024, those dreams became a reality and they officially opened the space they fondly call, the “Sled Shed.”